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 Reseller hosting

Reseller Discount Chart
  2 - 10 20% discount
 11 - 30 25% discount
 31 - 50 30% discount
 51 - 80 35% discount
 81 - 100 40% discount
100 - 150 45% discount
151+ 50% discount

Discounts are based on current, published prices at time of sale, and do not include set-up fees.


Basic Reseller Terms

You must read and agree to the Reseller Agreement.

You will be charged full price for the first account. If this account is cancelled, or a higher plan is ordered later, you will be charged full price for the second account or higher plan instead.

You are billed directly for all accounts opened under your Reseller account.


You must use the SAME billing method for all accounts (e.g. same credit card number in your name, or by check).

If you are opening accounts for third parties under you name, you agree to be the first level technical support contact for your customers.  We will not contact or communicate with your customers directly unless specifically arranged in advance.

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Reseller Agreement:


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Web Panache has developed lasting relationships with Web Masters, Application Developers and other individuals interested in reselling hosting services.

Discount level will apply to all your accounts ! Except for the one highest priced account in full.

We also offer dedicated services for Resellers in need of a private machine.

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